# UX Designer vs Video Editor: Which one is in demand? UX designing and video editing are the two career choices that are in high demand and that are trending these days. Both the fields include creative skills and technical skills. However, the question is which one is in high demand and which one you should choose as a career option. Let's explore both career fields for you. ## UX Design UX Design is a process of creating a product that offers meaningful as well as relevant experience to the users. The basic purpose of UX design is to deliver the best possible solution to the end users so that users do not face any issues while browsing the product and they get the best interaction experience. To create the best user experience, professional UX designers are hired. They create wireframes and prototypes and test the product so that the user experience is not compromised in any manner. ## Tools to learn as a UX Designer Here are some of the tools that you should master in order to become a UX designer. 1) Figma 2) Photoshop 3) Illustrator 4) Adobe XD 5) Zeplin If you want to master this tool and want to be a qualified UX design professional then you must join [UI/UX design courses in Delhi](https://www.admecindia.co.in/courses/ui-and-ux-courses-delhi/) and learn new skills from experts. ## Video editing Video editing skills are also creative skills that are trending these days. With people watching more videos to gather information, videos are becoming highly effective. It is making video editing skills in high demand with better earning opportunities. It is a part of the post-production process and involves manipulating and arranging raw footage and creating a final work that is unique and engaging. At present, video editors are required in almost every field whether it be for the entertainment industry or education industry. ## Tools to learn as a Video Editor Here are some of the tools that you should master in order to become a professional video editor. Adobe Premiere Pro Photoshop Lightroom After Effects Bridge These tools and software are very important and every video editor should have a good understanding of these tools in order to deliver quality work to its clients. Choose between the [video editing courses](https://www.admecindia.co.in/courses/video-editing-courses-delhi/) and UI/UX that you think is the best one for you and master new skills with the proper guidance of experts at ADMEC Multimedia Institute. It is the certified institute in Delhi that has been offering certificate and diploma courses in UX designing and video editing for more than 18 years.