# PO Leaves with Bitter Defeat... LG Coach Cho Sang-hyun Couldn't Hide his Frustration LG, returns to the semifinals for the second year in a row... “It’s a very difficult season, I’m sorry to the fans.” Cho Sang-hyun, coach of professional basketball team Changwon LG, who had to pack his bags in the semifinal playoffs (PO) for two consecutive years because he could not maintain a 16-point lead, could not hide his frustration. LG, led by Coach Cho, lost 65-75 to Suwon KT in the final 5th home game of the 2023-2024 Jeong Kwan-Jang Professional Basketball Semifinal PO (3 wins out of 5) held at Changwon Gymnasium on the 24th, with a final record of 2 wins and 3 losses in the series. eliminated. It was a bitter defeat. **[바카라사이트](https://www.casinositewiki.com)** They raised expectations by leading by 16 points in the first half, but committed 9 errors in the second half and destroyed themselves. LG, who dreamed of advancing to the championship for the first time since the 2013-2014 season, collapsed after dropping two games from a 2-1 lead. After Coach Cho appeared at the post-game press conference, he had a gloomy expression and was unable to speak for a while. Director Cho’s first words were, “Ah, it’s hard… my head hurts from screaming so much.” He then said, “I am grateful to the players who worked hard this season. Even though foreign players were injured, we achieved second place in the regular league, but I still have to learn more,” he said. “I am truly sorry to the fans for not being able to go to the championship game, which was the team’s long-awaited goal,” he said. “We repeated the same situation as last year.” “We have to find a way and come back as a stronger team and a grown team next year,” he added. Last season, LG finished second in the regular league and advanced directly to the semifinals PO, but fell behind [Seoul SK](https://www.liveinternet.ru/users/casinositewiki/post505132813/) and failed to advance to the championship. Coach Cho was distressed as he looked back at about a minute when the 16-point gap at the end of the first half was reduced to 10 points due to a number of mistakes. He expressed regret, saying, "The atmosphere of leading by 16 points and ending the first half down by 10 points due to a mistake continued in the third quarter. That was really..." He then pointed out, “The players who must take responsibility in such cases, the highly paid players, must be able to judge correctly because such irresponsible mistakes are directly linked to victory or defeat.” Coach Cho, who could not calm his regret, said that there was virtually no ‘harvest’ this season. Coach Cho said, "I don't remember the harvest. All I can think of is regret. The preparation process and training in the summer were harsh, but considering the amount of practice, the results should have been better. That's the only thing that comes to mind." “Looking back, I am grateful to the players, but it was a very difficult season for me he said“ (Assem) Marey, who had left due to injury, came back and played the 6th round, and I thought, ‘This year’s atmosphere is good,’ but in the end, we did not win the match. Last year . “The incident happened again,” he explained. Director Cho emphasized that he was full of regret and apologies to the fans. He said, "When I took office at [Changwon LG](https://www.reddit.com/user/casinositewiki7/comments/1cmtene/doosan_kang_seungho_exceeds_expectations/), I promised to build a strong team, but I am sorry that I could not keep that promise. I am very grateful to you for continuing to support our basketball team. It motivates me. You made me feel responsible, so I will grow next year." “I will come back,” he said.