**Best SEO Techniques for Website Optimization 2024** Almost every time SEO techniques change. This goes hand in hand with the SEO algorithm system which also continues to develop. So every web developer and business actor who relies on digital marketing as their main marketing strategy must also follow this development. [Prontt.com](https://prontt.com/) SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization and in Indonesian means search engine optimization. So SEO techniques have the meaning of a particular effort or activity with the aim of influencing a site's ranking in search engines. If it has been optimized properly, the site can appear in the top position on search engine pages, especially Google. So when a user types certain keywords, the site will be visible so it has a greater chance of getting visits. [Lokerntt.com](https://lokerntt.com/) **How to Improve Website SEO** Actually, there are lots of SEO techniques that you can apply. But the many techniques often cause confusion. However, there are several options as main recommendations because they have maximum benefit value. **Learning SEO Basics** As a first step, first learn the basics of SEO for beginners. The goal, of course, is to make it easier to apply all the recommended methods. This initial introduction is very important. However, SEO techniques are the most important factor in the success of creating a website, whether for business or other purposes.